A Christian View of Art: Part 1

Dan Lenington on November 17, 2017

       In our adult Sunday Bible class, we are beginning a series on a Christian View of Art. Let’s begin by asking the question, what is art? Art is defined as “creative work or the making or doing of things that have form and beauty.” We should also ask the question, why do we enjoy creating new forms and expressions of beauty? Genesis 1:26-27 reminds us that we are created in the image of a creative God. God has made the most exquisite and complex designs in His creation, and we often simple copy his creativity. Another term...

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The Unlimited Atonement of Christ

Dan Lenington on October 25, 2017

              When one begins to examine the evidence for the position of the Unlimited Atonement of Christ, he will find a generally clear example in I John 2:2. However, what seems to be clear can be viewed in a few different ways depending on one’s point of view or theological background. The three main positions on the verse include the Universalist, the Unlimited Atonement, and the Limited Atonement view. Each of these views will be examined as they pertain to this text primarily with the addition of some cross referenced material.             The Universalist view is simply that because...

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Proof of the Resurrection

Dan Lenington on April 5, 2017

The Christian faith is inextricably tied to the literal, physical resurrection of Jesus Christ. Paul makes this absolutely clear in 1 Cor. 15:12-19, where he gives five results of a false resurrection. 1. Without it, our preaching is vain, and we are wasting our time. 2. Without it our faith is vain, and we believe a lie. 3. Without it, biblical preaching is spreading lies. 4. Without it, we are still stuck in our sins with no salvation. 5. Without it, we have no hope of an afterlife. 6. Without it, we are of all men most miserable by depriving...

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A Defense of God's Moral Character: Part 2

Dan Lenington on December 21, 2016

Does God sanction slavery? Slavery in Bible times was a completely different issue than it was in America during the 1800’s. American, African, and British slavery was based on race whereas slavery in Bible times was not a black vs. white issue. Slavery in Israel was mainly a voluntary way for a debtor to work off his debt (Lev. 25:39-43). Another form was when a conquered people would become the servants of the ones who conquered them. Israel was given permission to take some of the ones they conquered as servants because God was judging these nations through Israel for...

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A Defense of God's Moral Character

Dan Lenington on November 23, 2016

Recently, I received a list of scripture references with accompanying accusations against the moral character of God. The basic premise of this list was to imply that God is inconsistent at best and outright evil at worst. Before examining these implications, a basic assumption should be recognized. It is often assumed that man can provide his own moral standard by which to create a good society and even judge the actions of God. However, history shows that not only does a human standard of morality differ from culture to culture, but it also changes with time. In some cultures today,...

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