Annihilationism and Universalism

Dan Lenington on December 9, 2019

         Recently, I spoke with a number of individuals who had questions about what the Bible teaches on man’s eternal condition after death. Some suggest the Bible indicates a general ultimate salvation for all of mankind including all angelic beings. This position is typically known as Universalism. Another belief is that the Bible suggests that all who reject salvation in Christ will cease to exist at some point after death. This is known as Annihilationism. To address these views we turn now to the Scriptures for Isaiah 8:20 says, “To the law and to the testimony: if...

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A Christian View of Art: Part 1

Dan Lenington on November 17, 2017

       In our adult Sunday Bible class, we are beginning a series on a Christian View of Art. Let’s begin by asking the question, what is art? Art is defined as “creative work or the making or doing of things that have form and beauty.” We should also ask the question, why do we enjoy creating new forms and expressions of beauty? Genesis 1:26-27 reminds us that we are created in the image of a creative God. God has made the most exquisite and complex designs in His creation, and we often simple copy his creativity. Another term...

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The Unlimited Atonement of Christ

Dan Lenington on October 25, 2017

              When one begins to examine the evidence for the position of the Unlimited Atonement of Christ, he will find a generally clear example in I John 2:2. However, what seems to be clear can be viewed in a few different ways depending on one’s point of view or theological background. The three main positions on the verse include the Universalist, the Unlimited Atonement, and the Limited Atonement view. Each of these views will be examined as they pertain to this text primarily with the addition of some cross referenced material.             The Universalist view is simply that because...

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Proof of the Resurrection

Dan Lenington on April 5, 2017

The Christian faith is inextricably tied to the literal, physical resurrection of Jesus Christ. Paul makes this absolutely clear in 1 Cor. 15:12-19, where he gives five results of a false resurrection. 1. Without it, our preaching is vain, and we are wasting our time. 2. Without it our faith is vain, and we believe a lie. 3. Without it, biblical preaching is spreading lies. 4. Without it, we are still stuck in our sins with no salvation. 5. Without it, we have no hope of an afterlife. 6. Without it, we are of all men most miserable by depriving...

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A Defense of God's Moral Character: Part 2

Dan Lenington on December 21, 2016

Does God sanction slavery? Slavery in Bible times was a completely different issue than it was in America during the 1800’s. American, African, and British slavery was based on race whereas slavery in Bible times was not a black vs. white issue. Slavery in Israel was mainly a voluntary way for a debtor to work off his debt (Lev. 25:39-43). Another form was when a conquered people would become the servants of the ones who conquered them. Israel was given permission to take some of the ones they conquered as servants because God was judging these nations through Israel for...

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A Defense of God's Moral Character

Dan Lenington on November 23, 2016

Recently, I received a list of scripture references with accompanying accusations against the moral character of God. The basic premise of this list was to imply that God is inconsistent at best and outright evil at worst. Before examining these implications, a basic assumption should be recognized. It is often assumed that man can provide his own moral standard by which to create a good society and even judge the actions of God. However, history shows that not only does a human standard of morality differ from culture to culture, but it also changes with time. In some cultures today,...

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Does God Answer Prayer?

Dan Lenington on October 13, 2016

Does God answer prayer? Of course the Bible says he does. But sometimes when we pray about something and then it works out well, we can also be tempted to think that it was just a coincidence. Either everything is just a random coincidence which is the philosophy of an evolutionary worldview, or nothing is random and coincidental. Albert Einstein once said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” The question remains, which is the more accurate way to live? It...

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Benefits of Belief

Dan Lenington on October 11, 2016

When we notice the pleasure the world offers to us in the forms of ungodly movies, TV, music, relationships, parties etc., we may be tempted to think that living for God and saying no to sin is not really worth it. However, if we choose to live like God and His rules are meaningless, much more than our fun will be affected. If the personal God of the Bible is not the standard for our life, we will first lose a frame of reference by which to evaluate everything around us. Without God’s transcendent standards of right and wrong, everything...

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How Does God Speak?

Dan Lenington on September 7, 2016

      How does God speak to us? How can we know the difference between our own thoughts and the direction of the Holy Spirt? First, lets review the ways God spoke to man in the past. In the past God often spoke directly or sent an angel or prophet with His message (Heb. 1:1 "God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets."). Recall how God spoke directly to Adam and Eve in the garden. After sin came, close fellowship with God was greatly hindered. Later, He would use an angel or prophet...

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The Error of Skepticism

Dan Lenington on August 5, 2016

Skepticism is defined as doubt or unbelief with regard to a religion, especially Christianity. In a more general sense it can be described as universal doubt. Agnostics who believe we cannot know if there is a God fall into this category. While caution is certainly a good quality, skepticism is not. Choosing to disbelieve before hearing all the evidence is illogical and foolish (Prov. 18:13). In a court of law, a case must be decided beyond reasonable doubt. Reasonable doubt means that although doubt could be cast in even the tightest of cases, it is only valid if it makes...

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A Personal God

Dan Lenington on May 20, 2016

     Often we say that every person needs to have a personal relationship with God. However, some seem to have a hard time knowing how to relate to a God who doesn’t physically put his arm around us when we’re feeling bad, or speak audibly to us when we ask for advice. The Bible tells us that this type of personal fellowship with God was present in the garden of Eden before Adam and Eve sinned (Gen. 2-3). Sin ruined that level of intimate personal fellowship with God and separated us from Him. Through the rest of Biblical history, God...

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Are We Selling a Religious Product?

Dan Lenington on April 14, 2016

As I look for opportunities to share the gospel with people, a nagging thought comes to mind on occasion. “The people I tell or leave a tract with probably view me as just another salesman with a pitch.” This thought bothers me because I don’t want to just offer a product among the myriad of spiritual products available from churches, organizations, and religious leaders. Paul approaches this dilemma in 1 Cor. 1:22-25 when he explains that the “Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom: But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks...

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Did Christ Really Rise Again?

Dan Lenington on March 2, 2016

The Christian faith is inextricably tied to the literal, physical resurrection of Jesus Christ. Paul makes this absolutely clear in 1 Cor. 15:12-19, where he gives five results of a false resurrection. 1. Without it, our preaching is vain, and we are wasting our time. 2. Without it our faith is vain, and we believe a lie. 3. Without it, biblical preaching is spreading lies. 4. Without it, we are still stuck in our sins with no salvation. 5. Without it, we have no hope of an afterlife. 6. Without it, we are of all men most miserable by depriving...

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Islam and the Trinity

Dan Lenington on February 2, 2016

             One concern a Muslim has with Christianity is that it seems perhaps that Christians worship three Gods, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Muslims would say that they are true monotheists because they worship a God who is simply one. To answer this challenge, let’s look at our assumptions and scripture together. Humans can only know something about their Creator God if He reveals it to them. This is because, by definition, God is far more complex than we his creation can imagine. God reveals Himself to mankind in two ways, Nature and...

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God's Way is Perfect

Dan Lenington on December 30, 2015

          When approaching the topic of homosexuality, one must first realize that God has ordained a specific arrangement for the family and romantic relationships, which cannot be deviated from. God is the absolute by His very definition and as such, His revelation of the reality and identity of sin is absolute. If God declares something to be against His natural order then it is most assuredly sin. To realize the error of homosexuality from God’s pattern, one must examine His divine order through His character, and His biblical precepts, principles, precedents, and perspectives. First, God’s character is violated by homosexuality...

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Does God Really Exist?

Dan Lenington on November 25, 2015

When I was working at a fast food restaurant at the age of 15, I remember an interesting conversation with another co-worker who was an atheist. I was explaining to him that I felt the design in creation was evidence for an intelligent designer namely the God of the Bible. He then asked me if God were the creator, then where did He come from? Who made Him? I promptly said that no one created Him. He has existed from eternity. His next question was, "Well if you can say God has always existed, why can't I just say that...

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Authentic Christianity

Dan Lenington on October 23, 2015

        Recently, I read an article entitled “Sniffing Glue” by Meghan O’Gieblyn from July 15, 2011. This was one of the most sobering articles I’ve ever read. Contrary to first impressions, the article is not about narcotics but instead about Christian pop music. The writer tells her own story of growing up in a Christian homeschool family in an evangelical church that promoted Contemporary Christian Music or Christian rock as a safe alternative to the secular rock music of the world. She tells about attending the Christian rock concerts and owning the CD’s of Carmen, Audio Adrenaline, Jars of Clay,...

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Chosen to Bear Fruit

Dan Lenington on September 16, 2015

John 15:16 has been one of my most favorite verses, but although it is already very familiar to me, It continues to startle me with new assurances. Recently, I was reading through John 15 again and was challenged by our need to abide in Christ and seek to allow His Word to abide in us. This relationship brings joy, answered prayer, and spiritual fruit in our lives. Christ tells disciples that they are not mere servants but close friends. Do you view Jesus Christ as your best friend? Then in verse 16, Christ says, “Ye have not chosen me, but...

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Recognizing the War

Dan Lenington on September 1, 2015

War is always in the news. If it's not an official war, there is still constant fighting in places around our world. Thankfully, in America we haven't faced a real war or its effects on the home front for many years. However, we are in the middle of a spiritual war right now. Perhaps, we might think of the persecution and killing of Christians over seas as the obvious battlefield of this war, but this war is not primarily fought for the preservation of physical life. Instead, Paul tells us that "we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the...

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Why We Reach Out

Dan Lenington on August 4, 2015

The outreach ministry restarted here at GTBC about three years ago through the conviction that God wanted us to reach our neighborhoods in a meaningful way. It was pretty rocky that first year as few knew what to expect from a sudden influx of rowdy kids who had no training in church. We have worked through many difficulties, and we will continue to face new ones. However, God has confirmed to us from Isaiah 58 that this ministry is part of His will for our church. Since our kids club will once again include children from our community, I would...

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An Argument for Christ's Unlimited Atonement

Dan Lenington on June 25, 2015

When one begins to examine the evidence for the position of the Unlimited Atonement of Christ, he will find a generally clear example in 1 John 2:2. "And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world." However, what seems to be clear can be viewed in a few different ways depending on one's point of view or theological background. The three main positions on the verse include the Universalist, the Unlimited Atonement, and the Limited Atonement views. Each of these views will be examined as they pertain to this text...

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Is the Bible God's Word?

Dan Lenington on May 20, 2015

Many ask the question, how do we know that the Bible is the Word of God? This is a good question sometimes coming from honest seekers, and it deserves an answer. First of all, why would God want to communicate to us? Well, He created us, loves us, and knows we need Him. We can't truly understand reality without His help. He is also motivated to speak to us to communicate our purpose which is to glorify Him (Rev. 4:11). We need to know how to fulfill this purpose, and so He tells us how to glorify Him and enjoy Him....

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The Only Begotten Son

Dan Lenington on April 21, 2015

     Inevitably, most homes have had individuals knock on their door from the group calling themselves Jehovah's Witnesses also known as the Watchtower Tract Society. Many know that this group denies the eternal deity of Jesus Christ as the second member of the Godhead or trinity. One of the words they use to suppor this denial is the term begotten as it is used in reference Jesus. Since this term is found in multiple passages a basic Bible study is necessary to understand how the word is being used.      The phrase "only begotten Son" is used in reference to...

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Dealing with Doubts

Dan Lenington on March 18, 2015

Doubts. These are those uneasy feelings you get when you're not quite sure about something. We can get these about all sorts of situations. Perhaps you just bought a car for a large sum of money and you're wondering if this car is really as good as the person who sold it to you said it was. Maybe you doubt the larger things like the existence of God or heaven. Some struggle to gain confident assurance of their salvation and others doubt that God loves them. Others may even doubt that we can know anything for sure. Regardless of what...

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Christian by Choice, not by Birth

Dan Lenington on February 10, 2015

One of the objections that many secularists level at Christians who maintain the exclusivity of Christ is that they are only Christian because they have been brought up as a Christian. The implication is that if they had been brought up as a Muslim, they would be just as devoted to that religion. Expanding on this accusation, some may even find themselves impressed by the sincerity and somewhat consistent worldviews of many people from different walks of life. When you put yourself in their culture, you can often see where they get their ideas and worldview from. This can be...

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Modern Idolatry

Dan Lenington on January 14, 2015

When you hear the word idolatry, what comes to mind? Commonly, our mind goes to statues of gold, silver, wood, or stone that men have made to represent the gods which they worship. We may think this practice is an archaic one until we observe religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Animism, and Catholicism. While we may disdain these practices in light of the second commandment, the truth is that we creat idols of our mind even more readily. I would like to expose the modern idolatry in our churches and hearts to challenge you to identify and demote the idols...

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Answering Objections: Part 2

Dan Lenington on December 9, 2014

1. What do you say when someone tells you they don't believe in God? Remind this person that just because you don't believe in God doesn't mean He doesn't exist. The denial of a concept doesn't prove it is false. Challenge this person to prove there is no God. This task is impossible since no person has all knowledge, all experience, or can be in all places at once to prove there is no God. At best, a person can only really say that they don't know if there is a God. The true motive for coming to the conclusion that there is...

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Answering Objections: Part 1

Dan Lenington on November 12, 2014

1. Question: "What about ignorant tribes in the deepest jungle who've never heard about Jesus? It's not fair to them for Jesus to be the only way."   Answer: People are not judged for not knowing about Jesus, but because they have sinned against God. "Sin is the transgression of the Law" (1 John 3:4). This law is written in their hearts (Rom. 2:14-15). Committing sin is what condemns us before God. Christ says in John 3:18-20 that men are condemned even before they choose to reject Christ because they have rejected the light or truth they have already received by...

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New Outreach Effort Launched!

Dan Lenington on October 21, 2014

After a few years of inactivity, Grace and Truth Bible Church is excited to begin reaching our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ once again! In the past, we claimed the title of "a soul winning church" but in recent years we have neglected Christ command to systematically go to our local community (Judea) our capital city (Jerusalem) our region (Samaria) and our world. We have supported many foreign missionaries over the years and in our small way have reach out to the "uttermost part of the world." However, we are getting back to the first mission field emphasized by Christ, our...

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A Balanced Approach

Dan Lenington on September 11, 2014

As a youth pastor, I am interested in finding the most biblical and effective environment for the preparation of children and teens for a lifetime of service and outreach for the cause of Christ. Unfortunately, there are two extremes that each hinder this purpose in different ways. One extreme is what I will call the integration error, and the other is what I call the isolation error. The integration error permits children and teens to fully experience worldly influences without the constant reinforcement of a biblical worldview. The isolation error, on the other hand, seeks to remove children and teens from any interaction with...

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True Discipleship

Dan Lenington on August 13, 2014

There is a misconception among many believers that views discipleship as merely a time to gain more Bible knowledge. We tend to think that the number of years we have attended church regularly or the number of messages we have heard automatically translates into spiritual maturity. However, this is not what the Bible teaches. 2 Timothy 2:2 states, "And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also." Learning is only half of becoming a disciple of Christ! We must be teaching what...

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Cooperation in the Body

Dan Lenington on July 18, 2014

Have you ever heard the comment, "10% of the people do 90% of the work"? God never intended for that to be the case. Every single person who is born again has received a special endowment from the Holy Spirit to fulfill a function in the body of Christ. Sometimes more than one person has the same gift, and sometimes a person may have more than one gift. However, God intends for you to identify and activate your gift to support the operation of the body of Christ. Therefore, because you have a spiritual gift, you are commanded to use...

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A Symphony of Prayer

Dan Lenington on June 13, 2014

Having grown up in church all my life, I am well acquainted with typical corporate prayer meetings. When it comes time to pray, people raise their hand and share their prayer requests. Often those request are for health needs or unspoken needs, or the occasional unsaved acquaintance. Request time lasts for 15 minutes or so and then everyone splits up into groups of 2-3 and takes turns praying. for 5-10 minutes each. Unfortunately, there is very little burden, passion, or life in our typical prayer meetings. Consequently, there is very little expectation or result. This was the only kind of corporate prayer...

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Practicing His Presence

Dan Lenington on May 9, 2014

Having known for a while that I must learn to abide in Christ in order to produce spiritual fruit, I have sought for help in understanding what this goal will look like when practically realized. A small book was recommended to me a few years ago which I only recently took notice of. Its title is The Practice of the Presence of God which is simply a compilation of conversations and letter from a humble 16th Century monk known as Brother Lawrence. His testimony of salvation by faith in Christ alone, though shared in simple terms, is nonetheless clear. His...

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My "Rights"

Dan Lenington on April 11, 2014

In America, we are brought up with the belief that we have rights, and lots of them. Thomas Jefferson declared that we have inalienable rights from God such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. By demand of the people and declaration of the government, we have the right to speak freely, have guns, write our thoughts, assemble peacefully, and follow any religion. Over time, this has been expanded in the minds of many to include rights for prosperity, dignity, justice, peace, hope, equality, and personal choice. Now, most people believe they have the right to live pretty much...

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Expect Great Things From God

Dan Lenington on March 12, 2014

It was William Carey, the father of modern missions, who said, "Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God." Carey had to battle the mentality among fellow Christians of his day that said God would save people when He was ready without man's help. I believe this attitude is rampant in many of our conservative churches today. We have become so discouraged at our lack of fruitfulness that we have come to assume God will just do whatever He will do with or without our prayers and outreach. William Carey proved the fallacy of this argument through Scripture...

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The Plan and Purpose of Bible Study

Dan Lenington on February 18, 2014

Is Bible study something you do or something you attend? Perhaps you have attended a Bible study or you do regularly, but if you don't know how to do Bible study for yourself, you are depending on others to feed you spiritually. Each of us must learn to physically feed ourselves if we will mature, and the same is true with spiritual maturity. Bible study is a skill to develop, but the purpose of Bible study must always be kept in clear focus. Bible study is not merely for the purpose of increasing our knowledge (which often promotes pride 1 Cor. 8:1). Instead,...

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Imminency and Evangelism

Dan Lenington on January 2, 2014

           Over the last one hundred years, the doctrine of the pre-tribulation, imminent return of Christ at the rapture has become widespread, and I believe it is Biblical. However, another idea has accompanied the rise and spread of this teaching which is actually contradictory to it though often associated with it. This is the idea that Christ will be coming back very soon. Now, let me be the first to say that Christ may come back soon, but do we have any reason to believe that He necessarily will come back soon? The doctrine of the imminent return of Christ teaches...

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Faith, Hope, and Prayer

Dan Lenington on December 13, 2013

The relationship between these three words is sometimes the subject of frustration among Christians. It is related to the clash of the so called optimist and pessimist. The pessimist likes to call himself a realist basing his expectations primarily on experience. He feels that it is his duty to bring the dreamer back to reality so that he won't set himself up for a huge disappointment. The optimist feels like the pessimist creates his own disappointing experience by not expecting anything more, a self fulfilling prophecy if you will. I believe that neither of these positions is entirely accurate by itself....

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Have Faith in God!

Dan Lenington on December 6, 2013

“Have faith in God.” This simple command is found in Mark 11:22. Jesus directs it to Peter who is surprised at the withering of the fig tree which Jesus had cursed earlier. Though simple, this command is profoundly difficult for us humans to obey. Why are we so surprised when God works? We know that “Without faith it is impossible to please Him,” but there is a desire in thoughtful persons to have all their mental loose ends tied up. We like to tackle a topic in such a way that every question or possible question is covered. In order...

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Living Under Grace

Dan Lenington on November 5, 2013

I've thought a lot over the last few months about what it means to "walk in the Spirit" or "by the Spirit" as some would interpret Gal. 5:16. Practically speaking, though, I've wondered what my role in this would look like. I've realized that living the Christian life is not dependant upon me simply trying really hard and disciplining myself. While this may sound spiritual and commendable, it is unbiblical. Paul warns the Galatians that they must not try to attain spiritual maturity through the effort of the flesh (Gal. 3:2-3). He even highlights the frustration and defeat of anyone (saved or unsaved I believe)...

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Fullness of Joy

Dan Lenington on October 4, 2013

A few days ago, we had just put our boys to bed, and I decided that I was worn out and wanted to relax for a while playing video games. However, I knew that It was time to pray for some individuals God had laid on my heart. Stubbornly, I ignored God's prompting and sat down to relax. After 20 minutes of resisting God's voice, I realized that I wasn't really having any fun anyway so turned it off and walked out to sit in the living room to pray. As soon as I sat down, God asked me if I...

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Dying to Self

Dan Lenington on September 10, 2013

As I’ve been challenged to pray for revival and specific needs in our church, I’ve know all the while that the effectiveness of my prayer life depends on the level of my intimacy with God. Not only do I need to know His will in specific areas, but I also need to be as pure as possible so that sin will not hinder my prayers. Well after reading the book How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life by Dr. Gregory Frizzell, I realized the importance of daily confession in order to maintain a close walk with God in the Spirit....

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Letting Go of the Boat

Dan Lenington on August 13, 2013

Have you felt like revival is somewhat unrealistic in this age, in this nation, or in this church? I understand. I've been trying to figure that out too for the last few weeks. Pastors aren't always perfectly at peace or full of faith either, but God has helped me to clarify my struggle and boil it down. It comes from a long standing stronghold of doubt and pride in my heart. This is a part of my testimony. Over the past few months, I've come to realize that for a long time I have allowed my pride and doubt to...

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Launching Out

Dan Lenington on July 9, 2013

Since Bible college and seminary I had learned to be rationalistic about faith and prayer. I reasoned from the theory of prayer that of course God can cast a mountain into the sea, but since I have no reason to believe He wants to, then I can't really trust Him to do so. This was a comfortable place to be since nothing tangible was required from my Christianity. I could simply teach the theory and theology of prayer without having to produce any evidence of its validity. However, when you face the question, "Is Christianity real?" you must have something to show for your answer. Suddenly, I...

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What the Average Christian Lacks

Dan Lenington on June 11, 2013

To be honest, it feels like I've just learned how to breathe as a Christian. I've been saved for 17 years, but I've never had the full joy that Christ promised to give to His disciples through fellowship with God, victory over sin, answers to prayer, abundant fruit, and heavenly guidance. At first, it was learning how to pray after knowing for a long time that I didn't really have God's ear. As the weeks went by, however, I observed my joy grow but also disappear at times. I was really at a loss to explain what was happening. I noticed my appetites changing as well. Every other...

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Prayer That Moves God

Dan Lenington on May 16, 2013

It is rare for a book to shake me as thoroughly as the one I have just finished. But I realize that God is the real instigator of the perspective I now have concerning prayer. Honestly, I've always known that my prayer life is not powerful like the prophets and apostles or even the great evangelists and godly men of more recent times. Sadly, I haven't taken the time to find out why until now. It started when Pastor asked me to preach a series on Sunday nights on a topic of my choice. I began to think it over...

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A Biblical Philosophy

Dan Lenington on April 4, 2013

In philosophy, three major considerations are examined. These include Metaphysics: the study of what is real, Epistemology: the study of what is true, and Axiology: the study of what is good. Each of these topics is central to the message of God's Word. Therefore, Scripture presents a consistent and comprehensive philosophical worldview. Lets examine Scripture to find out what that would be. Metaphysics: The Study of What is Real When determining reality, I begin with the presupposition that God is the ultimate reality (Heb. 11:6 AV). He is real since the only alternative is atheistic evolution which ignores the general revelation...

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Did Christ Really Rise From the Dead?

Dan Lenington on March 8, 2013

The Christian faith is inextricably tied to the literal, physical resurrection of Jesus Christ. Paul makes this absolutely clear in 1 Cor. 15:12-19, where he gives six results of a false resurrection. 1. Without it, our preaching is vain, and we are wasting our time. 2. Without it our faith is vain, and we believe a lie. 3. Without it, biblical preaching is spreading lies. 4. Without it, we are still stuck in our sins with no salvation. 5. Without it, we have no hope of an afterlife. 6. Without it, we are of all men most miserable by depriving ourselves of sin's pleasure and enduring...

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Why One Flesh?

Dan Lenington on February 7, 2013

Our culture increasingly views fatherhood and motherhood as acceptable without the key event called marriage. In fact, much of the media openly mocks married life as dull, restrictive, and undesirable. Many wonder why it's even worth it since divorce is expensive, and newer generations wonder why they "need the government to sanction their relationship." Some argue that they need to live together to see if they like each other. So why do we bother with marriage? God declares that the purpose of marriage is to make two individuals into "one flesh." So what does one flesh mean, and why is...

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The Foundation of Morality

Dan Lenington on January 10, 2013

While listening to a local talk show host on January 9th around 5:00 pm, I heard him tell a caller that the debate about homosexuality shouldn’t have to include God and the Bible. I found this statement to be highly amusing, for I have heard this same conservative individual talk to many callers and capitulate on this issue even when he disagreed with them because of a fundamental problem. Like this host, many conservatives desire traditional morality but fail to realize its absolute lack of basis without God and His authority behind it. Without a higher standard, debate is degraded...

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Why Does God Get To Make the Rules?

Dan Lenington on January 9, 2013

1. He Designed us. Why does the manufacturer of a product get to write the instruction manual? Because he knows what the product is designed to do and how it can best fulfill that function. God designed us in His image to model His nature and to glorify and please Him. If we don’t fulfill this function, we are operating outside the guidelines of our designed use which only leads to malfunction and ultimate destruction.  2. He Created us. So He owns us. God owns us not only because He made us and the substance we’re made from, but also...

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